About Us

Computers and the Internet have propelled a cultural revolution in recent decades. Unfortunately, disabled persons were left behind.

To help level the playing field, concerned parents and professionals founded the "Computer Access Center" in 1986, and later renamed it EmpowerTech. As one of the original non-profit Assistive Technology (AT) centers nationwide, EmpowerTech has lead the way with dynamic, hands-on programs to train students on Web browsers, computer screen readers, note takers, popular office software, and other devices.

Programs are free, and focus on helping students become comfortable -- and eventually proficient – with life-changing technologies that encourage greater independence.

EmpowerTech relies on its devoted staff, stellar board of directors – and donations from generous foundations, corporations and individuals – to open a true door to the world for people with disabilities. It is proud to also serve as a national resource for individuals, families and caregivers seeking information about AT products and uses.