Our Mission

The mission of EmpowerTech is to educate, train, support, and empower people with physical and developmental disabilities through assistive technology (AT).

The world of computers and other technology blossomed in the 70's and early 80's.  But, many people with disabilities were unable to access that world.  Then, in 1986, a group of concerned parents and other professionals in the Los Angeles area changed that.  They created the Computer Access Center dedicated to bringing the creativity of assistive technology to people with disabilities. 

Today, the agency now known as EmpowerTech, is helping more people in better ways than ever. With EmpowerTech's knowledge of state-of-the art software and hardware and association with software and hardware vendors and developers, EmpowerTech is able to bring its clients the very latest in assistive technology.

Our Core Values

All persons with disabilities deserve...
•  Respect for their needs, preferences, and decisions.
•  Access to any technology.
•  Education and employment without barriers.
•  A rewarding learning experience.

EmpowerTech believes in...
•  Innovating to provide opportunities for students, staff, and our community.
•  Collaborating with students to develop its programs.
•  Fostering and encouraging lifelong learning.
•  Networking to stay up to date on technology.
•  Accommodating each person's disability to allow access to technology.
•  Integrity in the service it provides.